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How to grow your customer base and stand out from the crowd

Being a Tradie means not only doing the job that you are hired to do, it means running an entire business from the accounting department, to marketing and sales. With so many priorities, growing your business and standing out from the crowd is a real challenge.

Although price matters, it is not the only tool in your toolbox when it comes to winning business. Each little effort counts, so we've come up with some more handy tips that might help you get that next job, or market your services easier. Each little effort counts and we've come up with some more handy tips that you might not have thought of...

Be the local “go-to.”

You don’t need to sponsor all the local community events, but advertising your services at the local shops notice board, or dropping flyers, magnets, or calendars into people's mailboxes are tricks that realestate agents have been using for years, and yes, they really do work. Often people want someone as quick as possible, and being on someone's fridge when that time comes will help make you front of mind.

Have a website

This goes hand in hand with the above. The first thing that people do when looking for someone local to sort out their problems is head to Google. As well as having your name on there, it is critical to have the name of the local area you service and your trade so that you show up in search results. The website can cover things like how long the company has been around, past project photos, solid references or customer testimonials and a description of the type of work you do. Customers will then be able to search for you and trust that you’re going to get the job done with ease.

‍Get a Google My Business listing.

Because Google is the go to place for most people looking for something, it is important that you set up your business listing on google so that it knows the areas that you provide your service too as well as critical details like your phone number.

Obtain the correct proof of insurance

Before you are allowed to begin work you must have Liability insurance in place, so if anything were to happen to you, the customer or the premise, it is all covered in the policy. Some customers will ask you to provide proof that you are covered before they let you into their house, and if you’re a contractor, you’re required to have insurance in place before being let on site.

Make a good first impression

Before you even begin the work the customer may have already decided if they want you to return. Arrive when you say you will, smile and have your uniform on! When you knock on the door you want to show that you are a professional, and don’t forget, leave the space cleaner than when you arrived.

There's nothing worse than cleaning up after a tradesman.

Leverage social media

If you need more business, you’re new, or want to offer a great deal, spend some money and advertise on Facebook and Google. Often people will be scrolling through their feed and see the ad. Include contact details and you might just get some new customers. These advertisers make it so easy for you to target the right areas. A catchy picture and a good offer are all that you need to get started on social.

Let referrals do the work

People in your suburb or neighbourhood will talk. Providing an excellent service is one thing, but providing it to the whole suburb can be achieved with ease when customers suggest you to their friends. Make that service with a smile your priority and let them know you would love to be referred. You’ll increase your income in no time.

Don't overthink it

It could be as simple as - arriving on time, quoting a price before you begin, calling the customer back, fixing other broken issues they may not have seen, and simply providing service with a smile! Just keep it up, and it will pay off.‍

If you need help with any of the above - get in touch with our team today.

Vital Accounts have a range of solutions and strategies, along with a network of trusted industry partners that specialise in supporting Tradie's.

More than numbers,

More than Bookkeepers - 03 9087 7889

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