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Increase Your Chances Of Success As A Tradie

It's ok - during your apprenticeship, you probably didn't study how to improve your interpersonal skills, or develop marketing strategies, do bookkeeping and administration, or manage complex HR issues !

As a tradie you are running your own business, so if you want to become more successful you should start understanding the core business skills that all business owners need. They are accounting, marketing, and administration.

Start by dividing your business into these three areas, and then focus on specific things to do in each area that when combined, will improve your overall chances of success. Then invest in working with other specialists to support your goals in each area. Whatever you do, don't think you can do it all!


Focus on improving your professional skills on the tools. Make sure you get all the necessary qualifications required to perform your trade. Then keep updating your qualifications by going on regular courses, or working with innovative products. Try to gain work experience in areas that you are newly qualified in, so that you get plenty of practice before doing it alone.


The first business skill to get your head around is accounting. It is important to have an understanding of finances and how to use capital in the most effective way. If you have not already done so, it's time to see an accountant or bookkeeper, so you can get an true overview of your business and its financial landscape. They will work with you to understand how cash flows in to and out of your business, so you become aware of your main sources of income and your major expenses.


Next comes marketing. You need a clever marketing strategy that involves both online and offline marketing tactics to increase your brands awareness. The best place to start here is by gaining a better understanding of your existing customers. Keep track of how you acquire new customers so as to understand where your customers are coming from, that way you can focus more of your marketing efforts there. Technology plays a vital role in capturing this data with ease.


To increase your potential customer base, consider forming partnerships with other tradesmen in a separate niche so you can both have access to each others customers. Join as many relevant professional organisations as you can and advertise your membership on all your stationery and marketing material so as to improve the professional image of your business.


Last but not least comes administration. You have to efficiently manage the day to day operation of your business. That means you must have systems in place that deal with everything from taking appointments to sending out client invoices. Technology is key to success – there are plenty of business software suites and apps, both online and offline, available to automate the majority of your administrative tasks. The key is to stay on top of things so your business can run smoothly while you are on site.

With a bit of planning and effort these skills can easily be learnt and put into practice, so as to give your business an advantage in your niche. Reach out for free resources and guides from the team at Vital Accounts today.

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